Mercaptan and some other gases, which emerge especially with the decay of domestic garbage and some industrial solid wastes, constitute the main character of the odor in the environment where the garbage is located.
We encounter such foul odors in garbage storage rooms, garbage transfer and processing stations, regular landfill and wild storage areas, compost and biogas plants.

In cases where the odor source is relatively small and closed areas inside the building such as garbage rooms, it is also important not to increase the humidity of the environment together with the odor removal. In such applications, methods such as dry steam method or odor removal gels that do not increase the humidity of the environment neutralize the foul odor.

In larger scale garbage transfer, processing stations, composting facilities and storage areas, odor removal methods that work with wet type fogging method are preferred.

No matter which odor removal method is chosen, neutralizers developed according to the character of the odor react chemically with molecules of odorous gases. It disrupts the structure of molecules and eliminates the source of odor.

While the main benefit of ®Neutroair in indoor applications is low investment and operating expenses, ®Neutroair is the only applicable odor removal method for areas that cannot be covered, such as landfill areas.

It does not mask the smell, neutralizes it.

Its effect can be measured by accredited methods

More economic than alternative methods

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